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RAB Member Application

Thank you for your interest in the UTTR Restoration Advisory Board (RAB). While the RAB does not have any current vacancies, applications are always accepted and will be kept on file until a vacancy occurs. Below you will find information about the UTTR RAB, member responsibilities and an application for RAB membership. You may apply online (see below) or by mail. Click here to download the application (PDF) to apply by mail.

General Information

The Restoration Advisory Board, or RAB, is comprised of community members, environmental regulators, local government representatives and other interested parties. Its purpose is to advise the Air Force on community concerns regarding environmental cleanup activities around the Utah Test and Training Range and Wendover Auxiliary Airfield. The RAB is being formed to encourage community participation in the cleanup process.

Cleanup is being managed by Hill Air Force Base (AFB) and includes cleaning up hazardous waste sites under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); and cleaning up munitions-related sites under the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP).

The RAB is co-chaired by a member of the community (chosen by the RAB's community members) and by a representative from the Air Force. The RAB will develop its own mission statement and operating procedures, set the agenda for meetings and select the meeting location and time. Hill AFB will provide administrative support for the RAB.

Member Responsibilities

RAB members serve voluntarily, without compensation, for a two-year term. Members will be required to attend all meetings. RAB members will have the opportunity to review and comment on technical documents and reports related to the cleanup.

Members will act as a liaison between the community and Hill AFB and as such, are required to be available to community members and to exchange information and/or concerns. RAB members should be prepared to devote at least two to three hours per month to their RAB responsibilities.

Application Instructions

Applications may be submitted by mail or online through the UTTR RAB’s Web site. Please indicate the community or organization you would like to represent. Selection of community members is made by the existing RAB membership.

Please fill out application completely. Incomplete applications may be rejected.

If you require more space, you may wish to download the application (PDF) and apply by mail.

To apply mail, please download the application (PDF), attach any additional sheets and mail to:
Carly Brown
75th CEG/CEV
7274 Wardleigh Road
Hill AFB, UT 84056-5137.

If you need additional information about the application or the Restoration Advisory Board, please call Carly Brown, the project community relations contractor at 801-775-6760, or Barbara Fisher, the Air Force public affairs representative, at 801-775-3652.

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